Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Shinshin Kaizen = Mind/Body Improvement.  Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is a Japanese word and literally translates as “Universal Life-force Energy”. It is an ancient form of healing using the natural energy of which all matter is created. In Chinese culture this energy is referred to as “chi”, in the Japanese culture as “ki”, in East Indian cultures as “prana”, and in Western cultures as “bio-energy” (particularly when referring to the energy within plants and animals).

How can I become a Reiki Practitioner?

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner can happen in a day or two.  Although there are ‘instructions’ on how to *do* Reiki, it is essential to note that Reiki IS something that you ARE.  Reiki is not commenced through long, exhaustive educational courses, where ego may be at ‘play’, but instead, is transmitted through a series of initiations (a sync download, if you will), to open the flow of energy in and around you. This happens in mere moments.  The educational aspect then, is for the mind, to complete the ‘circuit’ between body, mind & energy.   [resource]

I don't know if I can 'do' this. I have tried other 'methods' and couldn't 'get-it'.

The good news is this:  You are already “doing” Reiki to some degree, because you are alive!  The sad part is that we are on auto-pilot, in civilization today. In times past, we (humans) were more ‘connected’ to life and our surroundings.  But, through technology and other so-called “advancements” we have lost our ‘connection’ to our BEINGness.  Reiki is the way back to our natural state of BEing … our humanity in its fullness.

What is next?

After the Level I Attunements and Education, a time of familiarity and practice is necessary.  I use the term BEing, because that is what Reiki IS. Once becoming Reiki, the next step would involve another series of attunements, to increase the energy-level you are living in/operating at, and subsequently, are able then to transmit this energy to others, without being physically present.  This IS Level II Reiki.

Once fully ingratiated into the Reiki FLOW, and are now BEing Reiki, you are then ready to teach (lead) others into the Reiki WAY.  This IS the Master-level of Reiki.  This involves another series of attunements, to further enhance your awareness (influence) of the inward and outward flow of energy in, around and through you. 

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