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Alisha Howard

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Manual dexterity
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I received my Level-I Reiki certification from Michael. His class was educational and inspiring ... and I really enjoyed his down-to-earth teaching style of sharing his knowledge and experiences of Reiki. Due to the in-class hands-on practice, historical reviews and practical applications for Reiki, the training was well-rounded. As a medical professional, it has given me other options to traditional therapies, when caring for my patients who utilize holistic modalities

Marilyn M

Michael, I just wanted to express how much I gained from our private session yesterday. You are an excellent teacher, and your calm, confident demeanor set me at ease. I appreciate the way you stayed engaged through the whole process, though you've probably taught thousands of novices. I am looking forward to building on the basic skills you taught me.

Cathy M

MIKE RULES!!!!!!!!!  See you soon, bro!

Lazaro T
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Visit one of our multiple sessions of relaxation.
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